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Rich man in car (Pixabay)
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Always Care About Compound Interest

Summary How works compound interest? Compound interest can make you rich in the long term. But only if the interest…

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Just For Laughs? Did Fun Tokens Perform Better Than Serious Ones?

Summary Three of five “fun-tokens” on Steem-Engine overperformed STEEM. But volatility is too high. The price of SHIT fell less…

Steem and Ether commemorative coins
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Good News: Steem Is Member Of A Cryptocurrency Index

Summary Nasdaq lists the CIX100 crypto-index, Steem is part of it. That can mean extra buying power in the future….

Ruins in Syria (Pixabay.com))
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At The Edge Of War – Are Turkish Shares A Good Buy?

Summary Political tensions remain in Syria at the Turkish border, Turkish shares are falling. Long-term yield of Turkish shares was…

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Steem-Engine tokens price report: bigger volume, better price?

Summary In average, Steem-Engine Token prices were halving in three months. Only some more frequently traded tokens could surge. Gaming…

Steem commemorative coin and dices
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Steem-Engine Token Prices Report: Which Of Your Tokens Could Stay In Positive?

Summary Steem price keeps on landing course in last weeks, but what did Steem-Engine tokens do The picture is very…

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How To Be Healthily Paranoid On The Internet? (Part 1)

Two years ago I was very stupid: I gave my name, address and Paypal details to someone only to try…

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Who The Heck Said Cryptocurrency Transactions Were Cheap?

I did it again. I bought more Steem for Ether, because it’s soooo cheap… They gave me 848 Steem for an…