Steem-Engine tokens price report: bigger volume, better price?


  • In average, Steem-Engine Token prices were halving in three months.
  • Only some more frequently traded tokens could surge.
  • Gaming seems to be popular.

Let’s continue with my “super-charts”, containing Steem and USD prices, trading volume and more. This time I will chart some of the popular Steem-Engine tokens. Those which have a larger trading volume recently, in the 24 hours before the time of writing. On the list of in the “Market” section of

Token prices were halving in three months

But to begin, let’s repeat also my three-month chart. With the price change of 29 tokens, their average price move, and Steem. (I skipped the first three trading days in case of the new tokens launched in this period. New tokens are often very volatile in the first days.) The charts are best viewed in Steempeak or other front-ends with a high-resolution presentation mode of pictures.

Chart: Steem-Engine token prices change, in percent, USD based
Chart: Steem-Engine token prices change, in percent, USD based

In this case, to October 14, 2019, from the July 14, the average price fall of the 29 tokens was 54 percent in USD terms. The Steem price fell 49 percent. The tokens underperformed, but that remained within limits, I would say. The difference seems to be small and the tokens are very different, with very scattered results.

DEC token price
DEC token price

DEC (Dark Energy Crystals)

The currency tokens for the Steem Monsters cad-based online game. You can earn them also playing the game, or sacrificing “unworthy cards”. You can use them to buy other game items in a shop.

Since I do not know all of the tokens either, I have written short descriptions of 1-2 sentences. Maybe also useful to others. (Some coins are very new or had no proper description I could find. I omitted these. Also, the miners and stable coins, pegged tokens, for now.)

ZZAN token price
ZZAN token price

ZZAN Seems to be the token of a Korean community. SCT is also a token from a Korean community. SCT has some sort of strange price volatility. Some trading days the volume and price skyrocketed 40-50-fold. ACTNEARN chart is also similar.

The ACTNEARN  description wrote: “Monetize your social media influence with ActnEarn”. It seems to be a complete “tribe” with the own front-end page.

ACTNEARN token price
ACTNEARN token price

Another gaming token

BETA token price
BETA token price

BETA is another Steem Monsters token. “Each BETA token represents one Splinterlands Beta Edition booster pack.” It seems to be one of the most successful tokens with a long-term surging price. (Site)

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