Steem-Engine Token Prices Report: Which Of Your Tokens Could Stay In Positive?

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  • Steem price keeps on landing course in last weeks, but what did Steem-Engine tokens do
  • The picture is very mixed, some lost almost all their value, a few of them could increase it.
  • The average was a 46 percent fall in case of 29 tokens. Compared with a 33 percent decrease in Steem price.

It’s a long time ago I made the last “Steem-Engine tokens report” in August (links below). How did these tokens survive HF21, HF 22, the outage, the downvoting wars, and the new Steem price falls? Have they overperformed or underperformed? Lets’s see some interesting charts.

Steem on landing course

On the first one, nothing new to see. Steem price keeps in a falling trend. Although, in the last couple of days, we have seen some small relief. Look at the huge jump in volume on the chart. It means 16 million USD a day, should be the trail of whales. That was a new record compared to the market capitalization, I wrote about it here: Unusual Steem Trade Activity

Steem price and volume chart, 90 days.
Steem price and volume chart, 90 days. (Data:

On the second chart, you see the long-term picture, the price of Steem from the beginnings. Higher highs and higher lows. Hypes and peaks. Then more lows. And lower lows. And… Now we are near the all-time lows of 2017. That is the sad truth.

Steem price from the beginnings (logarithmic scale)
Steem price from the beginnings (logarithmic scale). (Data: )

Which of your tokens could stay in positive?

Steem fell 33.3 percent in two months, between August 4, and October 4, 2019. I charted 29 more used Steem-Engine or Scotbot-tokens, their average movement was a 46 percent fall. (The red bar.) So, the tokens – at least these 29, and at least in these 60 days – were considerably underperforming.

The price change of Steem-Engine tokens and Steem (USD, %)
The price change of Steem-Engine tokens and Steem (USD, %). Data:

Only four tokens increased in dollar-terms: LEO, AAA, AFITX, BETA. Sure it would be more of them in Steem terms. (@bluerobo began charting Steem prices and trading volume of tokens some days ago.) But other tokens, lost 98-99 percent of its valute – better I make no comment.

Beware of the first days

A special case was TUNES. This coin was extremely volatile in the first days, or weeks. Even in cryptocurrency– or Steem-Engine token terms speaking. So I omitted it. All other tokens are more than two months old. So, this time, the extreme initial volatility isn’t represented in the charted price changes.

New tokens show often extreme volatility in the first days. That means mostly huge falls. I wrote about it here.

Update – Charts per chat

The Steemian @gerber made a post about a service on Discord which is working with chat commands. (You can send commands to the user  Gerbot present on the Steemleo Discord server.)

Which tokens are missing from the chart? Which are more used and important? Please, comment.

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Disclaimer 2

I possess Steem, PAL, LEO, NEOXAG, CCC, and small amounts of other tokens.

Disclaimer 1

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If you want to message me in private you can find me in various popular Discord channels (Palnet, Steemleo, Steempeak, Neoxian, dPoll, etc.)

(Cover photo: Own work.)

About the token price data:

I’m collecting all token prices manually, in USD, from July the 7th 2019 on. Once a day, approximately between 5-6 p. m. UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The source is the page I’m not a robot or programmer and I’m not always online, so some delays can happen and some days are totally missing. The data is so more estimation than an exact recording.

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