Why Do You Need Turboyield?

Who am I? 

Who cares who I am. I haven’t written anything yet. But it’s a decent thing to introduce yourself, so, let’s get over it. I’m Dean Cros. Or not.

We want high yield, but that comes with high risks

So far I’ve used the nasty Deatchcross name on the Steemit.com blockchain- and cryptocurrency-powered system. “Deathcross” is a technical indicator on the investment price charts, by the way. Indicates a strong downturn, which often promises me a bargain. So I changed my dark brand to a more positive one, the “Turboyield”. That is what we expect in exchange for the high risk, the “Turborisk”, you know?

No margin call

I like high-risk investments, really much. If one day the value of something falls by twenty percent, I may not be scared. But I use only slight leverage, and never any products with the possibility of a margin call. No daily trading or day-trading. High risks, but very carefully considered, with no hurry. If I’m not sure I leave it. I can wait a few months or also years. Sometimes I feel I’m more a turbo-engine snake, like this one:

(Photo: Pixabay.com)

Don’t try to follow me, I don’t know where I’m going. Or make your housework. (And ask your investment advisor or lawyer etc. etc.) Don’t forget the risk, dreaming from the yield.

Multiculti, multilingual

I’m planning to write mostly about risky investments, including cryptocurrencies. But I’m also interested in economics, history, society, science, culture and much more. But I’ll put these in separate categories for you, so as not to bother those who are just interested in investing.

I also write in the real world, my hobby, my job is the same, without which my life would be unimaginable. (Graphomania, yes.) I live in Europe, yet half on another continent. I use four languages almost every day, try it, it’s a wonderful thing.

If I have time, I will write in another language. I wish I had.

Have fun!

Author: Dean Cros

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